Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Matt Riddlehoover stars (and bares ALL) in WATCH OUT

Sexy entertainer Matt Riddlehoover stars (and bares ALL) in WATCH OUT - an outrageous new film now touring the world!


Roger Ebert named Steve Balderson’s film FIRECRACKER (with Karen Black and Mike Patton) on his list of 2005’s Best Films. Steve Balderson is back with a new film, WATCH OUT, based on the best-selling novel by Dr. Joseph Suglia. The film screens around the globe this fall in cities including London, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and L.A. as part of the WATCH OUT: Stop Turning Me On world tour.
Recently nominated for Best Film at Raindance in London, WATCH OUT is the story of Jonathan Barrows (Matt Riddlehoover in "an extraordinary, bravura performance"), a man who falls in love with himself, literally. He is attracted to his own body, carries out an erotic relationship with a blow-up doll that resembles him, and takes pleasure in rejecting the advances of his many admirers. He descends into a world of carnivorous priests and Prozac-popping Polish prostitutes and eventually assassinates the world's most popular pop-diva.

Critics are calling WATCH OUT “one of the great cult films of al l time” (MJ Simpson, UK). Soiled Sinema says: “This film not only changed the way I viewed things; it rocked me to the core.” (Soiled Sinema). Film Threa t gives it four stars and writes: "This is not a nice movie fo r nice people. Its undefinable and a frightening piece of work. It’s what indie movies should be all about.”

WATCH OUT stars Matt Riddlehoover (TO A TEE), Peter Stickles (SHORTBUS), B-movie superstar Jeff Dylan Graham, Jillian Lauren (MARGARET CHO'S THE SENSUOUS WOMAN, rock wife to WEEZER bassist Scott Shriner), Amy Kelly (NEW YORK GOES TO HOLLYWOOD) and burlesque darling Lady Monster.


Co-produced by Oscar-nominated sound editor Paul N.J. Ottosson (SPIDER-MAN 2), WATCH OUT will show in various cities around the world for one night only this fall. Director Steve Balderson, actor Matt Riddlehoover and various members of the supporting cast will be available for a Q&A after most screenings.
For venues and showtimes, visit www.WatchOutFilm.com

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