Thursday, 13 November 2008

Jeremy Sumpter

Jeremy Sumpter plays J.D. McCoy on "Friday Night Lights" which will began airing on DirecTV on October 1, followed by airings on NBC in February 2009.


After a worldwide search, Jeremy was chosen to play "Peter" in the P.J. Hogan version of Peter Pan. This was one of the most coveted roles in films for a teen actor in recent years. "It was a part that I really wanted," says Jeremy, "since I'd be able to fight pirates and fly around the stage on wires." Jeremy trained extensively in sword fighting and gymnastics prior to shooting the movie in Australia.
Clubhouse was Jeremy's first television series. "It was really a dream role since I've always loved baseball and played little league when I was younger.

jeremy sumpter1
Jeremy was cast in the role of Justin in Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life. “Justin was a good kid who got into a little trouble with his computer and got addicted to on-line pornography to the point where it almost ruins his life,” says Jeremy.

jeremy sumpter
After wrapping, he immediately went on to star in The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang in Oregon. A lot of the people from Napoleon Dynamite were involved in the film and it was a lot of fun for him to shoot.

Jeremy shot another film in Oregon called "Calvin Marshall." It should be released sometime in 2009.


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HE IS SO HOT!!! I am going to marry him! He is MINE people! MINE!
I love you Jeremy :D

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i love u jeremy and i want u 2 be mine even though im 13 and u are 19 so please email me.