Saturday, 28 February 2009

Sean Faris

normal_seanfaris02 2004-12-21-seanfaris03

Sean Faris was born March 25, 1982. He grew up in Parma, Ohio, and graduated from Padua Franciscan High School with honors in 2000. One week later he packed his car and moved to LA. From there, he immediately landed the role in Pearl Harbor and so on.


In 2004, Sean was seen on the Big screen in "Sleepover" and also starred in the ABC show "Life As We Know It".

Monday, 23 February 2009

Jensen Ackles / Jared Padalecki

Heres a great video of some bloopers from Season 3 of Supernatural featuring them, its funny.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Jacob Radcliffe was born on July 23rd, 1989 to Alan Radcliffe and Marcia Gresham. He began performing in small school productions as a young boy.

Daniel Jacob Radcliffe Daniel Jacob Radcliffe1

Soon enough, he landed a role in David Copperfield (1999) (TV), as the young David Copperfield. A couple of years later, he landed a role as Mark Pendel in Tailor of Panama, The (2001), the son of Harry and Louisa Pendel ( Geoffrey Rush and Jamie Lee Curtis). Curtis had indeed pointed out to Daniel's mother that he could be Harry Potter himself. Soon afterwards, Daniel was cast as Harry Potter by director, Chris Columbus in the film that hit theaters in November 16, 2001, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001).

Daniel Jacob Radcliffe2

He was recognized worldwide after this film was released. Pleasing audiences and critics everywhere, filming on its sequel, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002) commenced shortly afterwards. He appeared again as Harry in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) directed by Alfonso Cuarn, and will also be in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005).

Daniel_Radcliffe Daniel_Radcliffe1
Now being one of the world's most recognizable people, Daniel leads a somewhat normal life. He has made friends working on the Harry Potter films, which include his co-stars Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. Hopefully, he will continue his blossoming acting career and be truly brilliant.

Monday, 16 February 2009

James Franco

James Franco is an actor hailing from California. After having a bit part in the 1999 film Never Been Kissed (starring Drew Barrymore), James was cast in the critically acclaimed, but short-lived NBC show, Freaks and Geeks.

james franco james franco1

Soon after, James appeared in the TNT movie about James Dean, in which Franco played the famous actor. James not only fit the part physically (as he bears a remarkable resemblence to James Dean); he was nominated for an Emmy award, and won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of the late actor. James next starred as Harry Osborn, in the 2002 hit Spider-man. Following Spider-man, James played Robert DeNiro's son in City by the Sea.

james franco2

James reprised the role of Harry Osborn in 2004, in Spider-Man 2. In 2005, James made his directorial debut with the film, The Ape. He's also starred in several military films, such as The Great Raid, Annapolis, andFlyboys.

james franco3 JamesFranco

He's also appeared in the period drama, Tristan and Isolde. James returned as Harry Osborn in Spider-Man 3 in May 2007. James next role is The Pineapple Express, where he reunites with one of his co-stars from Freaks and Geeks, Seth Rogen.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Reynaldo Gianecchini

Reynaldo Gianecchini (born Reynaldo Cisoto Gianecchini Júnior November 12, 1972 in Birigüi, São Paulo, Brazil) is a Brazilian actor. Before beginning his acting career, Gianecchini worked as a model in Paris.

reynaldo ginecchina  reynaldo ginecchina2

One of his greatest hits as an actor was in the soap opera Belissima in which he played a mechanic. He was married for 8 years to a well known actress and TV host Marília Gabriela, but separated in October 2006.

reynaldo ginecchina1

reynaldo ginecchina4

reynaldo ginecchina5

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Greg Vaughan

James Gregory Vaughan, Jr. (born June 15, 1973, in Dallas, Texas, USA) is an American actor and former male fashion model. He has starred in soap operas such as The Young and the Restless and General Hospital. His best known role is as the adult Lucky Spencer, son of the famous soap opera couple Luke and Laura. Vaughan has been playing the role since 2003.

greg vaughan

Vaughan briefly dated actress Alyssa Milano and married Moroccan-Dutch model Touriya Haoud on June 4, 2006. On May 4, 2007, Touriya gave birth to a son named Jathan James Vaughan.

Greg Vaughan1

He is good friends with co-stars Jason Thompson and Kelly Monaco.

greg_vaughn_01 gregvaughan

On June 7, 2006, Vaughan won the role of the new spokesperson for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter in a ceremony in New York. The contest was created to replace Fabio.


In 2007, Vaughan appeared on Tyra Banks' talk show to help Tyra through "soap opera school."

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Erik Martsolf

Eric Martsolf (born July 27, 1971 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) is an American television actor and singer best known for his role as Ethan Winthrop in the NBC soap opera Passions from 2002 to 2008. He is currently playing the role of Brady Black on NBC's Days Of Our Lives.


His first acting role, Professor Henry Higgins My Fair Lady. He sang on a Hawaiian cruise ship for a year and has modeled for over 50 designers, companies, and businesses. He was a radio broadcaster for WDCV 88.3FM and was a singer/dancer at Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania for four years. He has a degree in Political Science from Dickinson College. He has been an Assistant Director and a Guest Artist for Children's Theatre Experience.


Martsolf has been married to Lisa Kouchak since 2003. They met while they were doing musical theater together. They had twin sons, Mason Alan and Chase Evan, on 7 April 2006.

PASSIONS -- NBC Daytime -- Pictured: Eric Martsolf as Ethan Winthrop-Crane -- NBC Photo: Chris Haston

Monday, 9 February 2009

Corey Sevier

A model from the age of six months, and an actor since he turned seven years old, 22-year-old Corey Sevier has already reached a pinnacle that many box office heavyweights yearn for , with starring roles in television as well as  feature films.

corey sevier1 corey sevier2

By the age of 5, Corey learned to speak french. He's an avid athlete and fitness buff and plays sports such as soccer, baseball, hockey, tennis, downhill skiing,  and currently mastering the art of surfing. He's also earned a green belt in karate.


Born and raised in a small town near Toronto, Ontario, the personable young actor starred as "'Timmy", the young boy devoted to his resourceful collie "Lassie", in the successful version of the famous 1950's TV series, Lassie The Series. The show was very popular and aired simultaneously in Canada, the USA and over 40 other countries.


Corey is a conscientious individual who has an amazing perception of his character analysis. His work ethic and passion for the arts allows him to take on a multitude of diverse roles.

corey2 Corey-Sevier

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Channing Tatum

Born in Alabama, the 28-year-old hot and sexy Channing Tatum first started out as a model. He was then cast as a dancer in Ricky Martin's "She Bangs" music video and was paid $400 for the job. He even appeared in Vogue magazine and in campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch, Nautica, Dolce & Gabbana, American Eagle Outfitters, and Emporio Armani.

channing_tatum channing_tatum_gi_joe_photo
Channing also starred in a few television commercials and was picked as one of Tear Sheet magazine's "50 Most Beautiful Faces" of October 2001. He also signed with Beatrice Model agency in Milan, Italy and Ford Models in New York City.

Hot and sexy Channing began his acting career in 2004, appearing in an episode of the television series CSI: Miami. His first feature film role was in 2005's high school drama, Coach Carter. He also had an uncredited bit role in War of the Worlds, posing as a boy in a church.

channing_tatum3 channing-shirt-400a0605
Although the hot and sexy celebrity said that he loves modeling, he has taken a break from the profession to concentrate more on his acting career. He said he wanted to make more mature films in the future. His filmography includes Supercross, She's the Man, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, The Trap, and Step Up 2 the Streets.


Friday, 6 February 2009

Friday the 13th's Jared Padalecki: Not a D-bag

Jared Padalecki, who plays a new character named Clay in the upcoming reboot of Friday the 13th, told reporters that he's happy to play practically the only male character who's neither a hockey-masked serial killer nor a douchebag.


"I like to think that it was just me not being a douchebag, yeah," Padalecki said with tongue in cheek in a group interview in Beverly Hills, Calif., over the weekend. "No, it was nice. ... I've been the kind of douchey character, so it was nice to have a little vacation from it."

Padalecki plays a man who searches for his sister, Whitney (Amanda Righetti), in the small town of Crystal Lake. Whitney went camping with some friends six weeks earlier and hasn't been seen or heard from since. Padalecki finds himself on the run from the resident psycho who lives in the woods: Jason Voorhees, played by Derek Mears.

Following is an edited version of our interview with Padalecki, who was charming, self-effacing and cheerful despite our rude questions. Friday the 13th opens Feb. 13. (Possible spoilers ahead!)

We were on set watching you get your face smashed into the bus glass. Was that you?
Yeah. Do you know that really cut me up?
It was my forehead. That was actually funny, because they were doing that head-through-the-bus-window thing, and I was, like, how is this staying? And they're like, "Well, there's ... an inch of clear plastic or whatever [underneath]. ... So make sure you don't hit it." I was like, "OK." And so we kind of did it, and I hit it, and ... I knew my face was going to smash the glass. It was candy glass or whatever. Everybody did it before me to appease me and ease my concerns. But then we did it, and I was like, "I think [touches his forehead for blood] ... " And ... they ... looked at me. I had fake blood all over me anyway, and they're like, "No, no, no, you're good." And I was like, "You're sure? ... OK, whatever." And sure enough, we go back and wash, and I have like a little gash on my forehead. Yeah. So I cried and, you know, I sued, I sued for a sequel. Saturday the 14th? Comes out next year [laughs].

Did you do a lot of your own stunts?
I didn't. And that wasn't even so much a stunt. That was just sort of stage fighting. My stunt guy, Chris Gant, is just awesome, and he did the stuff that really required guts and know-how. ... To steal from, I think Harrison Ford, "I run, jump and fall." You know what I mean? Like, I'll turn my head, but getting thrown around and smashing through this and getting thrown into that, that they have paid guys for that are a lot tougher than I am. ...

Did you see the original Friday the 13th?
I did. I saw the original, actually, when I was in middle school. A buddy of mine who, we sort of liked to camp and liked scary stories. It was kind of a group of like three or four of us. Like trying to scare each other. It was kind of the time of life, you know, you're in middle school, and you're like, "Yeah, like, let's tell scary stories," and stuff like that. Um, and we actually watched that and The Exorcist in one night, so, yeah. ...
I guess what sort of excited me about trying to scare myself back then is kind of what excites me about seeing a scary movie now. It's just that really quick instant where you know you're safe, but it's kind of fun to entertain the idea of, you know, of being in grave danger. ...

There's a question in the film of ultimately who lives and who dies.
Yeah, yeah, see, that's good. I like that it kind of kept everybody guessing. We were just talking about that. You know, when it kind of gets down to the core of people that are left, and ... who's going to live, who's going to die, you're not really sure, and I like that.
I like that, because this movie's been done so many times. Not just Friday the 13th, but horror movies in general with a scary killer like Jason Voorhees, but it's easy to go like [points], "OK, gone, goner, goner. Maybe, going to live for sure. His name's above the title, he's going to live, or whatever. George Clooney, he's going to live." But, no, ... I like the level of [actors] that they used. ... We've all worked, and ... we know our way in front of a camera, but it's not like, oh, well, you know, Jake Gyllenhaal's in it, he's going to live. Yeah. ...

Working with the director, Marcus Nispel?
He has to be the cop, he has to be the cop, and he works hard, I guess is what it is. It's like, "Slow down. I want to take it easy a little bit." But he's a hard worker, and ... you almost lose yourself for a second, but yeah, the three of them [Nispel and producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form] really were a joy to work with. That sounds like such a cheesy [thing], like, "They were a joy to work with," but they were really fun. It was fun to go out drinking, and it was fun to ... be there. ...

jared1 (1)
Did any of your ideas make it into the film?
[Joking] No, they were all shot down. No. Probably. Even little things, like blocking changes. Like, "Well, what if I'm not here right there, because I'm doing this?" Or ... "Why would I say this when ... ?" But, yeah, ... it was just minor changes. ...
One of the ideas with horror movies, and movies in general, you have these red herrings. ... "What is this?" Like, "Why would I pick up a dead fox? Can't I just look at the dead ... ?" You know? It's like, let's not do that. ... And the writers were great, and they were like, "All right, well, give us a chance to think," and voila! They'd come back, and you're like, "Perfect, let's do it." So it was a really fun process. ...

1077417_000432c7 45692638_4954b9b963
What was it like to act in such an iconic movie?
It was great. It was fun, when you think about it, but essentially no different. ... When I go to work, I try to just do my work, you know? ...
Ultimately, as exciting as it is to be a part of an icon of a franchise, it's also really frustrating [that] there are people that are just going to not like it for the sake of not liking it. ... There are people that are just going to be so loyal to ... the original, they're going to be like, "I don't want to see that, bulls--t, Michael Bay and Jared, and he's a pretty boy with blah, blah, blah." So whatever. Like, I try to take the good with the bad, and I do my work, and I just hope it turns out well.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Chris Evans

Christopher Robert Evans was born on June 13th, 1981 in Sudbury, Massachusetts to a father who works as a dentist and a mother who is a dancer. Chris Evans, as he is known to the showbiz industry also has three other siblings, an older sister named Carly, and two younger siblings, a brother named Scott and a sister named Shana. Chris also comes from an Irish-Italian descent.

Chris_Evans - 3
The strong Catholic believer attended Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School and it was there that he decided to be a professional actor. After that, Chris decided to tell his parents about it and he ended up interning at a casting office in New York City. While interning, Chris attended acting classes to improve his acting skills. With help from one of the casting agent he had met earlier, he got the opportunity to start auditioning for a couple of roles after he had graduated from high school.

After auditioning, he finally got a role in the TV series, "Opposite Sex" (2000). But his real taste of fame did not start there. Chris was soon discovered and it was his role as "Jake Wyler" in Not Another Teen Movie (2001) that brought the camera's lens to focus more on him. Not too long later, Chris co-starred together with Scarlett Johansson and Bryan Greenberg in The Perfect Score (2004), a movie which basically tells about how a group of students find a way to get perfect scores for their SAT's. It didn't take too long, either, for Chris to get another movie role inCellular (2004) co-starring Kim Basinger and William H. Macy, a story about a woman who gets kidnapped but is saved after getting help from a young man who answers a "wrong-number" call.

chris_evans_01 chris_evans_1
The year 2005 was the year for Chris Evans as it was then that he seriously got a shot at stardom. Chris played the role of "Johnny Storm" inFantastic Four (2005), a remake of the Marvel comic book which tells the life of four superheroes. In that year, itself, Chris was noticed by critics and he even made it into magazine and Internet countdowns, scoring himself a third position of the hot body countdown from and #18 on E! Television's 2006 101 Sexiest Celebrity Bodies.

chris_evans_02 (1)
The year 2007 also proved to be one successful year for Chris as he's got two movies released around the world that same year. The second installment of the Marvel remake, Fantastic Four came out. Critics say that Chris played his role pretty well and claims that he is improving a lot. The Nanny Diaries also came out and that movie actually proved to fans worldwide that Chris was a great guy. He's portrayal as Harvard Hottie showed fans that he also had a sensitive side to himself.

The year 2008 sees Chris Evans being part of the movie Street Kings playing the character Detective Paul Diskant. Street Kings is a movie about a bunch of cops trying to cover up their wrong doings and audiences got to see a serious side of Chris. In the same year, Chris also worked on releasing the movie, The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond.
In the love line, Chris had spent five years with actress Jessica Biel. Both of them started being together from the year 2001-2006. It was the month of June when the duo decided to go separate ways. Chris is said to be a romantic as he once surprised Jessica on one of her birthdays with roses and lighted candles in her room.

Even though Chris has been successful most of his life, there were also some downs for him. He auditioned for a role in Elizabethtown (2005) opposite Kirsten Dunst but unfortunately, he lost the role to Orlando Bloom. Chris Evans is also popularly mistaken for the British DJ, Chris Evans.

Chris Evans has definitely been pretty successful in Hollywood, making it big than any of your average stars. With a whole lot of movies under his belt, Chris is definitely hoping for an Oscar one day but with or without an Oscar, critics will definitely know what to expect from this talented star.