Sunday, 27 February 2011

Aaron Perilo P.O.V Actor

Aaron Perilo, born June 30, 1981, Omaha, Nebraska, USA, is an American actor.

Aaron Perilo

Perilo has been involved in local and national theatrical productions since he was a child. After attending Central High School, he then matriculated at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Two out of four of his other siblings, Josh Perilo and Anna Perilo, are also actors.

Aaron Perilo3

Perilo made his television debut in 1999 on MTV's "Undressed". In the following years, he starred in several minor roles in TV series such as ‘Summerland", "CSI: Miami", and "Grey's Anatomy".

Aaron Perilo1Aaron Perilo4

In 2004, Perilo made his movie debut the film drama "Rolling". His other film credits include "P.O.V.", "Fear Not" and "The Latin & The Gringo".

Aaron Perilo2

A happy go lucky guy, Perilo is a nature lover; he enjoys the outdoors. Visiting other places would makes him feel good and at the same time very fulfilling.

Aaron Perilo5

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