Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tom Welling

FANS of Tom Welling can get ready to celebrate following a report that he is close to signing for a ninth season of Smallville.


Earlier I reported that he was considering leaving the programme - for undisclosed reasons - after the current eighth season ends in May. Producers were preparing a grand finale in the event the 31-year-old actor (pictured right) bowed out.

tom-welling Tom Welling

But it now seems he is set to return after all to the hit show, which depicts the early years of Clark Kent before he became Superman.

Tom_Welling (1)

Michael Aussiello, who gathers TV news and scoops for Entertainment Weekly's The Ausiello Files said: "According to a well-placed Smallville insider, Welling is nearing a deal to return for a ninth season. They're just ironing out some minor deal points."



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