Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Cillian Murphy

TALENTED Irish actor Cillian Murphy (Red Eye) looks disturbingly good in lipstick and high heels as the cross-dressing star of this new black comedy about terrorists and transvestites (Breakfast on Pluto).


From an early age, it’s obvious Patrick, aka Kitten (Murphy), doesn’t fit in, prefering fashion to football .


He is convinced that Father Bernard (Liam Neeson) – the priest who found him as a baby on the doorstep of his church in Ireland – is his real dad.


Director Neil Jordan keeps the pace as jaunty as the pop soundtrack until Kitten flounces off to London, hooks up with a gay magician named Bertie, nicely played by Stephen Rea, and starts learning some harsh truths.


Not a patch on Jordan’s 1990s movie hit The Crying Game but it still offers enough quirky humour mixed with explosive action to merit a look.

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ew. only the second pic is ok.